Other Services I Offer

A virtual tour of The Westminster School, Rowley Regis

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A tick markStandalone 360 degree images: If you need a single image covering 360 degrees or a panorama of a view or event, let us know and we can arrange this for you! Prices starting as low as £59+VAT
A tick markStandalone 360 degree tours: We can provide your business with standalone tours for cars, houses and more. Just contact us and we can discuss the needs to give you a quote for your project! Prices starting at £89+VAT 
A tick markProduct Photography: We can offer competitive pricing for our services and will be more than happy to quote you for your project. However, as all projects are different, we are happy to quote on your particular need rather than giving you a generic pricing. We are happy to work with both larger and smaller projects, all delivered at competitive prices!
A tick markFacebook page: If you would like a Facebook page for your business, but know nothing about Facebook, we can fully set one up for you, complete with your virtual tour if you've had one, for just £49+VAT
A tick markVideo walk-through: Once you've had a virtual tour carried out, we can produce a simple video walkthough ideal for marketing, with introduction, your company logo and details, hosted on YouTube with direct links to your existing web site £49
A tick markBusiness Website – Not got a website? No problem. We can create one for you with a new and unique .co.uk domain name. Fully SEO’d for your business services, specifically targeted to local searches, featuring your company’s virtual tour, all business contact information and details, and up to 5 pages of business information and photos for just £30 per month


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