Music, Band, Dance and Drama Photography


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Do you have a band or manage one? Do you ever wonder why you haven’t had that “big break” yet? In this age of MP3, YouTube and Photography it is so important to have an image.

Now you may think, “My friend can take photos of the band!”. Perhaps, but I guarantee they won’t have the professional look with professional lighting, treatment and using State Of The Art Digital SLRs. Your fans, publishers and record labels can tell what is a Professional Photo. Do you know how I know?? Because YOU know! And if you can tell, then they can tell!!

I have a great deal of experience in band and music photography having worked with local, national and international bands and musicians both live and in rehearsals. In 2012 I was the official photographer for the Birmingham Jazz and Blues Festival.

The cost will vary depending upon your requirements, the length of the session and whether it takes place on stage / at rehearsals, on location or in the studio.

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