Glamour and Boudoir Photography


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Boudoir Photography means different things to different people – the wonderful thing about modern Boudoir photography is that it can be quite literally anything you want it to be! Boudoir is such a wonderful umbrella term that’s been interpreted in many different ways by as many different photographers.

All women are beautiful, whether in the literal sense or by having amazing inner beauty that just makes them attractive to other people. Boudoir photo shoots provide the artistic freedom to capture all that is special about a woman and her individuality. There are no rules or requirements imposed in a Boudoir photo shoot. A woman’s shape, or body type is largely irrelevant because working on the basis that all women truly are beautiful, it’s my job to bring out her beauty in the photo shoot.

My aim is to create beautiful, classy and tasteful images whether it’s glamour, boudoir, nude, just plain sexy or even bridal boudoir photography featuring your wedding lingerie, veil and tiara. Whatever style you choose, my work is intimate, personal and confidential. Your images remain for your eyes only unless you specifically say otherwise.

The cost will vary depending upon your requirements, the length of the session and whether it takes place in the studio or at your home.

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